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DISCLAIMER - An ideal person who would beneft from this service are those putting together an immigration application/petition and have questions about its content, acceptable evidence to include, formatting of packet, meaning of questions/instructions, and the like. Certainly others could benefit as well - so give us a call if you are unsure if this service is right for you! Remember, not all questions can be answered in 15 minutes. Some questions may require more time to explain and/or additional research. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee approval of any immigration benefit. The government has complete discretion in these matters and despite competent and professional legal advice and services may, in its discretion, approve or deny such benefit(s).


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Chad Rumsey Esq
Ph: (717) 701-6116
Registered with U.S. Immigration Courts and Licensed in Pennsylvania
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Chad Michael RumseyClients’ ChoiceAward 2017

Chad Rumsey Esq has been practicing law for almost 10 years. He has had clients from all over the United States and from nearly every continent. His experience with U.S. immigration laws will put you at ease and you will know you made the right decision. He understands both the DIY client who just wants limited help, and the client who wants help throughout the entire process.